Social Commerce – The Growing Trend of Social Media Shopping

In social commerce, the target audience is already pinpointed and specific products and services can directly be marketed to said audience by means of various sites. For instance, a specific fan site would be interested in one product alone and that is anything that has to do with the fandom they are affiliated with. Through social e-commerce, brands and businesses are given an opportunity to create or perhaps sell already existing products to that specific fandom. The task of gathering a target audience and getting them all to land in one online seller webpage is thereby eliminated. The social media website becomes the main selling site. It is basically social shopping made easy.

Among the more popular social commerce platforms today is Facebook commerce. Almost everyone on the planet has a Facebook account. Within Facebook, there are fan pages designed to represent public figures, brands, organizations, and basically everything else that exists which is not a “personal account”. Fans and supporters become members of these fan pages and within that simple page, they are presented with sub pages that relate to the fandom they support. These pages contain social shopping features. Whether it’s an artist that sells the next single or a production studio that is selling the latest film video, Facebook commerce delivers an avenue for the sellers to meet the buyers.

A lot of sales and revenue have been generated by brands and businesses taking part in social media commerce. Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other social networking sites on the Internet has made shopping quite easy for the registered members. They have built-in credit verification and payment systems that allow users to purchase whatever the website has to offer. It becomes very simple for the consumers. They simply log on to their Facebook accounts and if they find something they fancy, they can easily purchase it right then and there. This has definitely added much to a company’s income. Social commerce is truly one point of sale that is worthy of investment.

There are many ways to enhance a brand’s presence in social media websites. However, there are resources out there which can help a business in pursuing the best road towards a successful social commerce. Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of today’s popular social media websites are not showing any signs of decline when it comes to mass patronage. Surely, more and more people with more and more buying power will become members of the websites. And these members will not hesitate in clicking away on Ads and other shopping features that are very accessible within their own social account pages. It has been alleged that by the year 2015, the business of social media shopping will have skyrocketed to an astounding USD 15 billion value. This is why businesses have taken steps towards participating in social commerce marketing.